By Chef Scott

This fresh salad is raw, very filling, and extremely easy to prepare! The seaweed is high in minerals, including iodine, used by your thyroid gland to help regulate metabolism and development of both your skeleton and brain, among other things. 

       Yield                                     Prep Time                             Cook time

 1-2 Portions                                                       15 min                                                        0 min    

Red Pepper Sauce


Red bell pepper 1 whole, pith and seeds removed

Red onion 1 Tbl chopped

Coconut Aminos 2 Tbl - Coconut Secret

Sea salt ¼ tsp - Blue Mountain Orgaanics

Sunflower Oil 3 Tbl

Blend in a blender or food processor.




Avocado 2 whole

Cucumber ⅛ cup diced

Kelp SeaWeed 1 small sheet, dried - Maine Coast

Arame Seaseed  2 Tbl dried 

Lemon Juice 2 Tbl

Olive Oil 1 Tbl

Smoked Black Pepper ⅛ tsp

Sea Salt ¼ tsp

Red onion 2 Tbl julienne

Cilantro or Parsley 1 Tbl chopped


Rehydrate the arame and kelp in hot water.  Dice both avocados, and prepare the other ingredients as listed. If you have a ring mold, place it on top of some rehydrated kelp for presentation, or substitute greens of choice.  Once the seaweeds are rehydrated, thinly slice the kelp.  Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl, but save some arame for later.  Combine the mixture into the ring mold, applying some pressure.  Squeeze the remaining arame of excess water, and place on top.  


Garnish with fresh lemon, grated radish, micro greens, and sesame seeds, and sea salt.  Use a spoon to drizzle the red pepper sauce as desired.  


Amber DamelioVegan, Raw, Avocado