What we do

Ethilux is committed to bringing our sustainable lifestyle into homes around the world. In order to do that, we dedicate ourselves to researching the finest cruelty free brands, impactful organizations, and organic plant-based recipes. New companies are frequently added, but only after an extensive analysis to ensure quality. We at Ethilux are zealously committed to curating the best products and services that are aligned with our values and mitigate our impact on the environment. 

the team

The Boston-based Ethilux team is devoted to curating the best in sustainable living from around the world.



Amber D'Amelio - Founder

Amber is an avid animal activist, philanthropist, environmentalist, and fierce defender of the weak and helpless. 

Her interest in animal welfare and the environment began at a young age. Since then she has consistently sought out opportunities to give back and make a difference.

In addition to her philanthropic interests, Amber has always had an affinity for health, style and luxury. Living in LA for a large portion of her adult life helped cultivate these interests and expose her to the benefits of an organic lifestyle, integrated medicine, and cruelty free, eco-friendly shopping.  She has studied food and integrated therapy, organic gardening and sprouting at the Hippocrates Health Institute and was an associate producer on the documentary, Cowspiracy. Today Amber sits on the board of the Farm Animal Protection Team, which campaigns on behalf of farm animals, and supports organizations such as Sea Shepard, Mercy for Animals, and PETA.

She lives what she preaches on every level, from composting, to consignment shopping, to public speaking, protesting and connecting with others on how they can make a positive impact on the earth in their every day lives.

Amber applies her life experiences, interests in style and environmental awareness in her promotion of brands and recipes through EthiLux. Personal health, style and luxury are important but not at the expense of the earth.


Benjamin Glassner - Strategy Director

In 2013, Ben had an awakening after spending his entire life planning on entering the apparel industry and spending time studying design in London. Becoming aware of the impact of the textile industry on animals and the environment snowballed into a total shift in life direction towards solving the problem instead of contributing to it.


Gabriela Barcellos - Social Media Manager

Social media expert and former model, Gabriela has worked in the advertising and fashion industry connecting people and products through the power of technology for more than seven years. As the Ethilux social media manager, Gabriela draws on her experience to discover the most interesting, cutting-edge ethical brands for Ethilux. Gabriela is an enthusiastic advocate of the idea that knowledge can do wonders for a one's self-esteem.


juliano Pereira - Operations manager

Juliano has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the building trade alongside a true passion for cars. Juliano's open mind and focus on learning has prompted him to adapt to adapt to an eco-friendly friendly lifestyle. Within Ethilux, Juliano coordinates introductions between our staff and fantastic brands while ensuring the smooth flow of our daily operations. In addition, Juliano provides Ethilux with expert insight on environmentally friendly vehicles, building materials and construction techniques.